A few random thoughts

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This week has been really quiet regarding the Senate race, there is a new poll out that shows Hackett beating DeWine. Not really surprising, but they didn’t poll Brown so it doesn't really offer much to compare.

Turns out that Apple donates 99% to Democrats and the other 1% is not specified. Either way even with my student discount, as somebody suggested, the Apples are still a bit pricy. So far I've heard Dells aren't good, HPs aren't good, Toshibas aren't good and Apples are good but expensive ... what to do now?

Tim Russo, Democracy Guy, is now posting at a new site called BuckeyePolitics.net, even though I sometimes disagree with Russo I do enjoy reading his blog. (Seems like an interesting guy, although I’ve never meet him)

I myself have been busy working on another project that will be unveiled soon. My search for a guest bloggers hasn’t been going that well ... it hasn't been going at all actually.