Announcement Tour

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Check to see when Congressman Sherrod Brown will be in your area during his 4 day kickoff tour this weekend. Then RSVP for one of the events, all events are free and open to the public. Cities include Mansfield, Lorain, Toledo, Lebanon, Chillicothe, Steubenville, Akron, Canton and more. Check out the complete list here.

A few random thoughts

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This week has been really quiet regarding the Senate race, there is a new poll out that shows Hackett beating DeWine. Not really surprising, but they didn’t poll Brown so it doesn't really offer much to compare.

Turns out that Apple donates 99% to Democrats and the other 1% is not specified. Either way even with my student discount, as somebody suggested, the Apples are still a bit pricy. So far I've heard Dells aren't good, HPs aren't good, Toshibas aren't good and Apples are good but expensive ... what to do now?

Tim Russo, Democracy Guy, is now posting at a new site called, even though I sometimes disagree with Russo I do enjoy reading his blog. (Seems like an interesting guy, although I’ve never meet him)

I myself have been busy working on another project that will be unveiled soon. My search for a guest bloggers hasn’t been going that well ... it hasn't been going at all actually.

Want to blog?

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I've been a bit busy and the blog has suffered (should pickup again this week though). But I've decided that it may be a good idea to get another blogger aboard. So if you are interested just send me an email, If you have blogging experience that's great, if you don't it does not make a difference.

BTW, I’m laptop shopping anybody have any advice? I’m leaning towards getting a Dell or an HP.

Fact vs Fiction

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There are some strange rumors floating around, so let me clarify.

Sherrod Brown is running for Senate
Sherrod Brown has opened a campaign office in Amherst

Sherrod Brown has rented a hall in order to announce he is not running (why would somebody rent a venue to announce they are not running?)

And then there is somebody taking issue that the pictures of the office where taken on election day ... get a life! You are trolling and you are bad at it!

Office Location

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Katherine at GrowOhio announced that a store front in Amherst will be the HQ.
Our address is 2280 Kresge Drive, Amherst, Ohio 44001.
Right in the district, in Lorain county and not far from me. Pretty good location.

Well …

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Definitely not the result I was hoping for tonight; even the school board member I voted for lost. More tomorrow, I’m tired. Good night and tomorrow is a new day and a new election cycle.

PS: Why did RON fail? My opinion is that the text where to long and people didn’t bother to read them so they just voted NO. I had at the very least expected Issue 2 to pass. Oh well.

Voting Open Thread

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I voted on the new touch screen system in Lorain County today, it went pretty smooth. Took me a second to figure out where to put the card in and if I had red the big sticker on the machine it would not have been an issue. But as usual I figure “it’s a computer, how hard can it be?”. So when dealing with voting always read the instructions. I went in the morning when a lot of elderly where voting and they didn’t have any problems figuring out what’s going on. (once they figure out how to get the card in) Am I sure my vote counted, no … if RON passes I’m pretty confident that there wasn’t anything fishy going on.

I did hear of a few technical problems early in the day with setup but nothing major. A site or two in Lorain County opened late because workers where late.

Leave a comment and let me know how it went for you today, especially if you voted on a computerized system. I'm not going to be at my computer watching the results, so I'll have commentary later tonight or early tomorrow.

Dispatch Polling

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Tim Russo on Dispatch polling:
The Dispatch mail-in poll is universally believed to be the most accurate poll in Ohio. You wouldn't know that if you were a blogger in Berkeley, CA, would you. Yes, it's weird that it's mail-in. Yes, it has a big sample. It's almost always right on the money. The Zogby internet poll internet poll. Worthless. That's why I don't talk about it much when I've got a Dispatch poll with a track record coming out almost simultaneously.
As crazy as the poll sounds, it is usually accurate.

Poll: Brown beats DeWine, DeWine beats Hackett

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Polling released this morning from the Columbus Dispatch indicates that Sherrod Brown is ahead. Brown gets more of the independent and Democratic base then Hackett.

Via MyDD

New Numbers

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Hackett 45.2
DeWine 35.3

Hackett 43
McEwen 37.7

Brown 40
DeWine 36.7

+- 3.2'

Hackett is beating everybody at the moment. Although they don't have results for Sherrod Brown v. Paul Hackett. One things for sure, DeWine is in bad shape. McEwen is outpolling him. Keep in mind these are Zogby Interactive (Online) numbers. (I woudn't put to much money on them) We all admit that Hackett is ahead online, but on the ground? We'll have to wait and see till some traditional polling comes out.

Sherrod Brown on oil company profits

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In a statement made last week Congressman Brown responds to the huge oil company profits
"Oil company profits are being made on the backs of Ohio families," Brown said. "President Bush and Republican leadership in Congress have refused to support consumer-friendly energy policies. Today's announcement is another shameful mark against the administration and its big oil supporters."

Complete Press Release

Earlier post I made discussing gas prices

Brown Campaign Headquarter Location

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Somebody emailed me today telling me that the campaign HQ will be in Lorain, not far from where I live. Also offices will be located in Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati. Makes a lot of sense, Congressman Brown’s district office is already located in Lorain and he himself lives in Avon.