Why should Hackett get the nomination?

Posted by Brown06 5 comments  

Everybody keeps asking "why vote for Sherrod Brown?", the real question is "why vote for Paul Hackett?". Sherrod Brown has a track record on where he stands on the issues, you can look up everything he has supported and opposed (I'll post a few in the next few days). Paul Hackett ... no clue, he has no record on anything. Again I'm not saying Paul Hackett is a bad guy and I'm not Hackett bashing (like some are Brown bashing). I'm far from it, he just doesn't have a record on anything.

Also something that should be realized is that this is not a special election in August, this will be a normal primary and then later a sure to be lively general election in November. The average voter will know about the election and the average voter will show up and vote ... but the average voter doesn't know Paul Hackett. Oh and those that point to the Zogby poll, keep in mind it didn't even include Sherrod Brown so that doesn't make for a good benchmark.

Oh and finally, get over it he changed his mind about running. So stop acting like a bunch of kindergarteners about it.

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