Why Sherrod (Part 1) - Trade

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Sherrod Brown has been leading the fight against unfair ‘free trade’ and for ‘free and fair trade’. The passage of NAFTA by the GOP controlled congress who’s campaigns are funded by corporate donations has cost hundreds of thousands of Americans their jobs. The Representatives and Senators who voted to approve these agreements have been corrupted by big money. These leaders aren’t acting in the interest of the American people, they are acting on the interests of corporate America.

These trade agreements do nothing to create jobs for Americans and actually encourages American corporations to outsource work to cheap labor in other countries. It also hurts the workers in the countries to which we outsource, because the agreements do nothing to encourage better labor standards in those countries. They are increasing corporate profits while leaving Americans job less, and in some cases homeless. Much of the same will be true for recently passed Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), once it goes into full effect it will cost more Americans their jobs and way of life.

Don’t be mislead, Sherrod Brown is not completely against free trade but he is against unfair free trade. The idea that these agreements would allow US companies to more easily sell their product on foreign markets may be true, but the reality is that there isn’t a market for these products. Citizens of these countries can’t afford to buy American made vehicles. The reality is that many Americans can’t even afford to buy American made vehicles. Electing Sherrod Brown to the US Senate would allow this champion of fair trade and labor to continue leading the fight against unfair free trade agreements.