Who will take over?

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Tim Tagaris’s leaving GrowOhio is going to leave the already hurt Brown campaign in even more trouble. So far it’s not clear who will be taking over and the open call for resumes certainly isn’t a promising sign. The obvious person to take over would be Jerome Armstrong who is already on the Brown payroll and involved in some fashion with GrowOhio. Although I believe at this time Jerome is still in California.

I still have not heard anything about an announcement date or any other campaign kickoff information.

In other news, the Hackett campaign will be kicking off on Monday at Hacketts house in Cincinnati. The new web site has also been launched and the campaign is getting into motion.

Just to remind some of those out there who haven’t picked up on this yet. None of the information on this blog is official. It is speculation, based on news reports and rumor. I am neither an employee of the campaign nor a volunteer of the campaign at this time.