Things are looking better again

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I woke up this morning and things were looking better already, with the exception of that embarrassing spelling mistake in my last post. The Brown campaign has changed the ads to ActBlue advertisements featuring both candidates. Contributions made into the ActBlue fund will go to the winner of the primary, to use against Mike DeWine.

Now I know some take issue with this, but IMO this is the best way to go. If you want a Democrat to beat Mike DeWine, give money to whoever wins the primary. There is no point in wasting millions of dollars fighting each other in a primary. I’ll give a little to Sherrod now and I’ll give money to the general fund, if Hackett wins that’s OK. He’ll need all he can get if it turns out that he will be taking on Mike DeWine. Although of course I'd rather have it be Sherrod.

Update: I don't know what's up with this but Benjamin Rahn from ActBlue is commenting on various blogs that they aren't involved. Not sure why they are springing into defense mode. Also I think it was an honest mistake that the ads at first directed to the Brown campaign site, but a few people don’t see it like that.