Sunday PD Articles

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I actually read this this morning but I've been busy doing other stuff. I just haven't gotten around to it. If you get the Cleveland Plain Dealer, not sure if it's on the web site, check out the article on A16 and the Forum piece on H1. They are two good pieces discussing the DeWine, Brown and Hackett.

The quote that I think everybody should keep in mind is this, "If people look at who I am in terms of taking on the drug companies, in terms of fighting Medicare and Social Security privatization, they don't see 'liberal,' they see that Sherrod Brown's on their side". The people of the 13th District already know this. Conveying this message to the rest of Ohio is what will make him the strongest candidate to run against Mike DeWine. Also Sherrod Brown has voted on some things that are very conservative. Voting "yes" on some issues that a lot of democrats voted 'no' on. Because he stands for what Ohioans stand for, he truly is on our side. More on that later this week ...

Also an interesting tidbit in the article is about DeWine and Bono, Bono called DeWine "the bodyguard of the world's poor today". Not sure what to make of it, but I did find this picture.

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