Some thoughts on Brown/Hackett

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While I disagree with most of this post by the Buckeye Senate Blog, I am surprised to see he/she will admit the Brown currently has an edge in the primary race.
Brown has the edge in a primary right now, because of the money and his NE roots where the bulk of the Dem votes come from [...]
I also came across this post from over a week ago at Plunderbund, the highlights as follows:
· Apparently I’m “mysterious” – ok I’ll go with that
· “Brown will remain the favorite of the Northeast” - True
· “But don’t be misled Mr. Brown06 man, there is dissent right here in the Buckeye State” – False

To more I look at all of the bloggers commenting on this race the more I realize that this is more about Blogger ego then anything else. This has nothing to do with Ohio, nothing to do with who is the best candidate, nothing to do with Sherrod Brown and nothing to do with Paul Hackett. Going back to this from a few days ago by Majikthise,
[...] The reason to support Hackett over Brown is simple--if Hackett wins (and he can win), the progressive blogosphere makes history. [...]
Now I’m not saying all bloggers are out for this reason, there are more then a few that support Paul Hackett for valid reasons (such as the Ohio 2nd Editor, there are a few more). The ones with the valid concerns seem to be actually based in Ohio. But a good percentage are just out to score a victory against the establishment for the blogosphere. Good luck.