Sherrod Brown's Letter

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In case you haven't already seen it:

Welcome Friends,

This has been an extraordinarily busy year to be a representative of Ohio in DC, perhaps the most invigorating of my thirteen years in Congress. Activists in Ohio and across the nation have joined together to combat the most insidious aspects of the Bush agenda:

We have stopped and probably killed Social Security privatization.

We came within one vote of defeating the job-killing Central American Free Trade Agreement.

We have exposed the vote-buying tactics and middle-of-the-night antics of Tom DeLay and the Republican majority.

We have changed the national debate on Iraq, trade, prescription drugs, Medicaid, and ethics.

On the political front, we have already begun to change Ohio. Early this year, my campaign hired Dan Lucas, an experienced political field operative to retool the Ohio Democratic Party in preparation for the 2006 elections.

We are assisting the state party in unearthing illegal Republican practices in the state, pulling back the curtain to expose years of political corruption and cronyism in Ohio.

We began the blog, and in August, our bloggers helped Paul Hackett come close to being elected in the 2nd district, one of Ohio’s most difficult to win for Democrats.

We have recruited and trained top-tier Democratic candidates to challenge Republicans, raised money for candidates, and are co-coordinating message among candidates at all levels.

Now I am ready, with your help, to take all of this to the next level.

Before the end of November, I will officially kick off my campaign for the United States Senate. We will immediately showcase the depth and breadth of support that my candidacy has already attracted. Together, we are going to challenge and defeat an incumbent Republican United States Senator next year in Ohio.

Thanks for your support,