Sherrod Brown on gun control

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A lot of Ohioans, both Republican and Democrat, enjoy gun ownership and hunting. Particularly in rural Ohio, where guns are part of everyday life. Traditional gun ownership is not limited to those areas alone, it's also commonplace in many suburban areas around the major cities. Sherrod Brown has in the past voted for "gun control" legislation and gets portrayed at times as being on a crusade to take away guns from Americans. This is not true, as is evident by this July 2004 statement by spokeswoman Joanna Kuebler. It reads as follows,

"[Sherrod Brown] supports 'common sense' reforms that balance the rights of gun owners with the need to increase public safety and protect children"

"Common sense" means owning a gun to protect yourself and your family, or to hunt. He is not in support of taking away that right from Americans. But you don't need an automatic weapon or anything of that nature to do that. Sherrod Brown knows that the key is to find a middle ground where the laws are taking the guns from the criminals and not from the law-abiding citizens.