OT: Reform Ohio Now – GOTV

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With the upcoming election being an off year election some will see no reason to go out of their way to vote. But it isn’t so, the issues up for vote on Election Day matter to everyday Ohioans. Especially the Reform Ohio Now Issues 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Issue 2 will make voting much easier, making it less of a burden by giving the option of voting by mail. Voters won’t have to take time of from work or find somebody to watch the kinds when they vote. They won’t even have to stand in long lines outside of the precinct in the cold November rain like so many had to last year. Stress free voting without any time pressure or other factors preventing one from making their voice heard.

Issue 3 will limit the amount of money a person can contribute to a campaign and put other limits on big money involvement in races. It will significantly limit the special interest groups to sway elections and policy agendas.

Issue 4 creates an independent commission that will be charged with redrawing the districts after every Census. This would ensure that districts are drawn that give proper representation. As opposed to the current system that is completely partisan politically motivated and actually drawn by the politicians themselves.

Issue 5 will create an independent State Board of Election that will consist of 9 members. Instead of the current election system that is overseen by the Secretary of State who is a partisan elected official.

Tell you friends, tell you family, tell your neighbors that they must go and vote YES on Issues 2, 3, 4 and 5 in order to Reform Ohio Now!