Ohio 2nd Blogger wants off and going bananas over Hackett

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Ohio 2nd Blogger wants off [the new Hackett campaign bus?] (I couldn’t resist)

We’re mentioned in yesterday’s blogometer. I’ll confess that I’m tired of this whole blogwar. Maybe if I ran banner ads I’d be trumping it up. (Hmm… there’s an idea…)
Here’s what we’ve got: Brown changed his mind on running for Senate. Boo hoo. Brown’s got a lot of contacts in the media and he knows how to use them. Waaaaa. David Sirota is a nimrod. I said it, I meant it, I’d say it again… Hackett bloggers can be jerks. It’s true… Liberal blog portal frontpagers that support Sherrod Brown can be jerks. Yup… Hackett is green. It’s a bug… no, it’s a feature! Hackett bought a bus so he could campaign with his family. GASP. I wonder if it’s the same one that Pat DeWine used? Hackett gave up on the idea that we could make things better in Iraq. Sad to say it but he’s right.
Both sides need to get over themselves. Nobody but us nerds cares about this soap opera.

Buying that bus was a pretty good move, if he loses at least he’ll have a bus.

Mike the Mad Biologist makes the following post
Can anyone tell me why the Democratic blogosphere is going bananas [sic] over Hackett's entry into the Ohio Senate race? [...]

To which Majikthise responds
The reason to support Hackett over Brown is simple--if Hackett wins (and he can win), the progressive blogosphere makes history.

So this is more about a blogosphere victory then about who gets elected to be the next Senator from Ohio? … What a surprise.