More attacks on Brown

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A conveniently anonymous emailer reports the following about candidate night with Sherrod Brown to Ohio Honest Elections.
"[...] As soon as the meeting was adjourned, lively confrontations erupted pertaining to citizen concerns around two excellent candidates engaging in mortal combat that should all be directed toward defeating Mike DeWine in 2006 [...]"

A commenter on the Ohio 2nd Blog named zachwest1 who was also present at the event has a slightly different version of what happened.
As someone who was present at the event, I can say that is a gross distortion.
There was one question about the primary, followed by several questions about GOP corruption, followed by a woman who wanted Sherrod Brown to support phonics in schools.
Rep. Brown's answer to the question wasn't very defensive, IMHO. He said that he changed his mind because of changes in his family and Congressional situation-his daughter had just gotten married, his other two daughters were starting college, and his wife is a journalist and had been concerned about the impact of his run on her job. Those issues are now resolved, and his family supports his run.
He didn't say anything negative about Hackett, and I don't recall him accusing Hackett of flip-flopping or mentioning his military service, period.

Hackett supporters playing dirty already, that's pretty sad. But I'm confident the people of Ohio are able to separate fact from fiction. The fact is that Sherrod Brown is on our side.