Making the case again

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Oh we are back to playing this game again, I thought it was over ... oh well. Sherrod Brown is still the best person to challenge Mike DeWine, Brown is a name in Ohio. Even moderate Republicans here recognize Sherrod as being a "Good Guy", who has come through many times in Ohio, especially for the blue-collar work force. If Brown announces that he will run, he will get the full backing of the Democratic Party, the netroots may be another story. Do the netroots really matter in a Hackett v. Brown primary? I would say a little, primarily through donations. Something to keep in mind in Ohio is the north/south divide, northern part of the state would probably easily go to Sherrod Brown, Hackett has 0 name recognition among the average voter up here. While the southern part will probably got to Hackett, but not by as big of a margin as the north would go to Brown. I guess you can run the numbers anyway you want ... bottom line, I'm on the Brown side.

Then again my opinion and $4 will get you coffee at Starbucks since I'm in Northern Ohio and I live maybe 15 minutes from the Congressman.