Jose Candelario in 2006

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The 13th District Ohio State Senate seat has always been a contested one, last time around it came down to only about 400 votes. This time around Republican encumber Armbruster, who's gas stations recently had to file for bankruptcy, will be challenged by Democrat Jose Candelorio from Amherst. I really don't have a lot of information about him, but from the little I know about him he seems to support reducing property taxes and increasing school funding (I'd like to have a few more details about how he's going to do that, but we'll see). The campaign seems like it's off to a good start. Although the campaign really needs to add content to the web site, like more information on the issues, a volunteer sign up and the ability to accept online donation. I'd keep an eye on this one, it's definitely a going to be close but a very winnable one for Candelario.

Check out the Campaign here