DailyKos: OH-Sen: The Case For Sherrod Brown

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displacedyankeedemocrat over at DailyKos is making alot of sense, so check it out:
Let me begin by saying that I think that both Paul Hackett and Sherrod Brown are both men are men of truly good intentions who want the best for their state and their country. I refuse to dump on either one of them, and anyone who chooses to do so does not advance best interests of the party in the process.

A lot has been said here about the merits of Brown and Hackett. There is a lively debate over this, and I believe that it is not a bad thing. However, in my mind, the difference between Brown and Hackett, is less about ideology than focus issues.

If Paul Hackett was our Senate candidate, the focus would be on Iraq. There's nothing wrong with that. It is a horrible situation that our leadership has led us into, and I believe that Paul Hackett would do an admirable job presenting the argument for the need for a plan of how to deal with Iraq.

However, with all that having been said, I do not believe that Iraq is the most important issue for the state of Ohio right now. That particular issue is the ecoonomy, and that's why I think Sherrod Brown is the best person we can nominate as our party's candidate for US Senate.


There is genuine anger in Ohio right now over the passage of CAFTA, which went over like a lead brick in the state. There is anger over the decline of the manufacturing economy. There is anger over the direction that the country is headed in right now. That anger is brewing among working class union members in Ohio, and they're eager to punish the GOPers who voted for it. Brown is the man who is in the best position to translate that sentiment into a Democratic win at the ballot box, and that's why I'm supporting Sherrod Brown to be the next United States Senator from Ohio.
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In response to some comments made:
I'm not going to disagree with the notion that Hackett might be able to win parts of southern Ohio, but I think he will have a much harder time winning in the North then Brown will have winning in the South. Nobody ever takes into consideration that Hackett will have trouble up North.