Brown and the OHIO Blogosphere

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I will join everybody else in the analysis of the following now controversial quote,
“The blogs were here for Hackett, and here for me,” Brown told The Associated Press, holding his hand high for Hackett’s support level and then lowering it for his own. “Now, they’re even and that was the only place he had any advantage before.”

Are Sherrod Brown and Paul Hackett even in the blogosphere? No, absolutely not. But I think the Ohio blogosphere is divided equally. Those with the strongest feelings for Hackett and against Brown seem to be in other parts of the country.

One such example is the Californians for Hackett group forming on DailyKos. They don’t have a vote in this and they don’t have the interests of Ohioans in mind. They have their own interests in mind. They want a guy who’s going to call the President a SOB. While I don’t agree with the President, it doesn’t warrant that. Senators are supposed to be Statesman, not running around like a bunch of immature teenagers using profanity. That doesn’t go over well with a lot of people in Ohio, we are proud and we don’t need somebody like that representing us. If you in California want somebody like that, why don’t you elect him to be your Senator.

Ohioans are also not going to pick their Senator based on the war in Iraq. Not that Ohioans don't care about Iraq. But they are going to pick the guy who’s going to keep the steel mills from closing. The person who is fighting for healthcare and social security. Issues like that, along with others, are what Ohioans care about. That person is obviously Sherrod Brown. That is why he will be the next Senator from the great state of Ohio.