Bob Brigham and blog outreach

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Bob Brigham made a post on MyDD that I recommend everybody take a look at, here is a little excerpt:

The day Paul Hackett announced his campaign for US Senate is probably the last day anyone would think I would post a diary coming to the defense of Sherrod Brown, but the blogosphere is a strange place.
This morning's Columbus Dispatch has an editorial blasting the Brown campaign for reaching out the the blogosphere.
As someone who spends most of my time talking about the importance of the blogosphere, I think this is total bullshit to attack a politician for trying to reach out online.
That is the true power of the blogosphere, not raising money or attacking opponents, but helping people participate in politics.
So let's not bash people for reaching out online.

There are currently two types of bloggers, those who are paid to be consultants who basically just post the official message of the campaign or try to rally ‘netroots’ support by acting to be an average person (this is really shady IMO). Then there are the bloggers who post only on opinion, speculation and based on other media reports. Currently most campaign spokespeople don’t response to inquiries from bloggers, but yet they complain when they post information that isn’t confirmed. If the campaign can’t be reached for comment, then a blogger will post it anyway.

I think effective campaigns will be bridging the gap, creating a blog spokesperson for say. This person would not be necessarily blogging themselves (maybe on an official campaign blog) nor will this person should not just be feeding press releases to bloggers (like the GOP is now trying to do with the right wing blogs). Rather this person should be a person who responds directly to bloggers questions and concerns. This would benefit both sides, bloggers would be able to post more accurate information and the campaign would be able to clear up things that are false before they blow up.

Just my take on the situation

Update: To clarify, Paul Hackett does have a sign up for bloggers on his campaign site and you can contact Sherrod Brown's bloggers through GrowOhio or via their email addresses. Both of these are great, but it's still not possible to get official comment from the campaign.