Bloggers slinging mud at Brown

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Some bloggers are still pissed that Sherrod Brown has entered a race and are calling him all kinds of things. They seem to be more upset at Brown then they are at Senator DeWine. Because they know Hackett can't beat Brown in the primary. But that's the point of a primary isn't it? To determine who is the best candidate. If Hackett is the best candidate then Hackett will win the primary. If he doesn't win the primary then he never had a chance of beating DeWine anyway. I'm still waiting for somebody to make me a good argument as to why Hackett is the better candidate. All I keep reading is that he is "better", "strong" and "more moderate", but nothing to really explain why. Also Brown knows how to run an election and raise money. Oh but wait you say, Hackett raised all this money online in a short amount of time. If you remember that was with the help of Sherrod Brown's people and infrastructure. The sooner that all of you realize that running a 2 month special election with low voter turn out is nothing like running a state wide year long race, the better of we all will be.