Are the wheels coming off the wagon?

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My last post has been quoted by a few sites (some without attributing it to this blog) as the wheels coming off the wagon. So are the wheels coming off the wagon? I honestly don’t know, but it sure seems like the wagon is stuck in the mud. But enough with the wagon analogies, this is starting to sound like the Roberts confirmation hearings with the Baseball analogies.

The open casting call for campaign staff seems a bit troubling to me. I would have expected the campaign to be picking and choosing staff, or has everybody said no? That’s really not the way to hire staff, but then again what do I know.

Also the editing of the original statement, of Sherrod not running, was probably not the best move to make. It’s out there already why try and change it? Remember blogs are instant and they are forever.

It’s to bad all of this had to turn out like this, Sherrod Brown really is a good candidate but in the past few days I’ve really been having some doubts about the campaign that’s being run. It’s misstep after misstep. Hopefully they will be able to get their act together.

Update: Rule #1, don't blog when you are tired, yes it should have been 'off'