Katherine Scott

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Katherine Scott is the new Internet Field Coordinator for the Sherrod Brown campaign. Don't really know anything about her, but from a little research I've found that she worked for Dennis Kucinich in 2004 as Deputy Field Director. Don’t have much else right now on this.

I am proud to be working in Ohio for a candidate I have grown to admire greatly. I have organized in Ohio before and I am very aware of its complicated political environment. I have long supported Congressman Brown and even interned in his congressional office in DC. In fact, Sherrod Brown is my congressman. My time with the campaign will be not only a job, but a blessing and honor.
via GrowOhio

Some thoughts on Brown/Hackett

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While I disagree with most of this post by the Buckeye Senate Blog, I am surprised to see he/she will admit the Brown currently has an edge in the primary race.
Brown has the edge in a primary right now, because of the money and his NE roots where the bulk of the Dem votes come from [...]
I also came across this post from over a week ago at Plunderbund, the highlights as follows:
· Apparently I’m “mysterious” – ok I’ll go with that
· “Brown will remain the favorite of the Northeast” - True
· “But don’t be misled Mr. Brown06 man, there is dissent right here in the Buckeye State” – False

To more I look at all of the bloggers commenting on this race the more I realize that this is more about Blogger ego then anything else. This has nothing to do with Ohio, nothing to do with who is the best candidate, nothing to do with Sherrod Brown and nothing to do with Paul Hackett. Going back to this from a few days ago by Majikthise,
[...] The reason to support Hackett over Brown is simple--if Hackett wins (and he can win), the progressive blogosphere makes history. [...]
Now I’m not saying all bloggers are out for this reason, there are more then a few that support Paul Hackett for valid reasons (such as the Ohio 2nd Editor, there are a few more). The ones with the valid concerns seem to be actually based in Ohio. But a good percentage are just out to score a victory against the establishment for the blogosphere. Good luck.

Nothing post worthy

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I’ve had a lot of stuff going on in the past few days and frankly I haven’t come across any new information that warranted a post. Also the general public doesn’t care about this race yet, the candidates would be foolish to waste there time campaigning right now when nobody is listening. After next Tuesday (Nov 8) there will be more to report on, including when and where Sherrod Brown will be announcing. (It is still my understanding that no date, time or place has been set yet)

I'll keep you updated

The Blogfather has called it quits

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At least temporarily Jerome Armstrong will quit his independent blogging and only blog on campaign related sites.
He announced it in this MyDD post.
I'm not going to be posting or blogging here any longer while working campaigns. There's no upside and the downside of posting personal opinions, where it's easy to mark it as a political ploy by the opposition, is plenty. If you do see me blogging, it will be with the campaigns or committees sites or blogs I'm working.

Via The Beltway Blogroll

I’m personally disappointed about this, I've always enjoyed reading what Jerome had to say. But at least this way he will be to concentrate fully on getting his candidates elected and it is clear why he is doing what he is. Any potential conflict of interest is put to rest.

Ohio 2nd Blogger wants off and going bananas over Hackett

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Ohio 2nd Blogger wants off [the new Hackett campaign bus?] (I couldn’t resist)

We’re mentioned in yesterday’s blogometer. I’ll confess that I’m tired of this whole blogwar. Maybe if I ran banner ads I’d be trumping it up. (Hmm… there’s an idea…)
Here’s what we’ve got: Brown changed his mind on running for Senate. Boo hoo. Brown’s got a lot of contacts in the media and he knows how to use them. Waaaaa. David Sirota is a nimrod. I said it, I meant it, I’d say it again… Hackett bloggers can be jerks. It’s true… Liberal blog portal frontpagers that support Sherrod Brown can be jerks. Yup… Hackett is green. It’s a bug… no, it’s a feature! Hackett bought a bus so he could campaign with his family. GASP. I wonder if it’s the same one that Pat DeWine used? Hackett gave up on the idea that we could make things better in Iraq. Sad to say it but he’s right.
Both sides need to get over themselves. Nobody but us nerds cares about this soap opera.

Buying that bus was a pretty good move, if he loses at least he’ll have a bus.

Mike the Mad Biologist makes the following post
Can anyone tell me why the Democratic blogosphere is going bananas [sic] over Hackett's entry into the Ohio Senate race? [...]

To which Majikthise responds
The reason to support Hackett over Brown is simple--if Hackett wins (and he can win), the progressive blogosphere makes history.

So this is more about a blogosphere victory then about who gets elected to be the next Senator from Ohio? … What a surprise.

Bob Brigham and blog outreach

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Bob Brigham made a post on MyDD that I recommend everybody take a look at, here is a little excerpt:

The day Paul Hackett announced his campaign for US Senate is probably the last day anyone would think I would post a diary coming to the defense of Sherrod Brown, but the blogosphere is a strange place.
This morning's Columbus Dispatch has an editorial blasting the Brown campaign for reaching out the the blogosphere.
As someone who spends most of my time talking about the importance of the blogosphere, I think this is total bullshit to attack a politician for trying to reach out online.
That is the true power of the blogosphere, not raising money or attacking opponents, but helping people participate in politics.
So let's not bash people for reaching out online.

There are currently two types of bloggers, those who are paid to be consultants who basically just post the official message of the campaign or try to rally ‘netroots’ support by acting to be an average person (this is really shady IMO). Then there are the bloggers who post only on opinion, speculation and based on other media reports. Currently most campaign spokespeople don’t response to inquiries from bloggers, but yet they complain when they post information that isn’t confirmed. If the campaign can’t be reached for comment, then a blogger will post it anyway.

I think effective campaigns will be bridging the gap, creating a blog spokesperson for say. This person would not be necessarily blogging themselves (maybe on an official campaign blog) nor will this person should not just be feeding press releases to bloggers (like the GOP is now trying to do with the right wing blogs). Rather this person should be a person who responds directly to bloggers questions and concerns. This would benefit both sides, bloggers would be able to post more accurate information and the campaign would be able to clear up things that are false before they blow up.

Just my take on the situation

Update: To clarify, Paul Hackett does have a sign up for bloggers on his campaign site and you can contact Sherrod Brown's bloggers through GrowOhio or via their email addresses. Both of these are great, but it's still not possible to get official comment from the campaign.

Sherrod Brown comments to The Fix

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Sherrod Brown comments to The Fix

"Paul is new enough to public office that he doesn't understand that no one is entitled to a Senate nomination," said Brown. The lawmaker added that he doesn't know where Hackett stands on any issues with the exception of Iraq and "he's had two or three different positions" on the war.

Every word of it is true, like it or not.

“Classy Move By Sherrod Brown”

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This is how the blogosphere responded to the Brown/Hackett ActBlue Ads:

That's a class move.

Classy Move By Sherrod Brown

Upper Arlington Progressive Action:
That's a class move!

Buckeye Senate Blog: (Although that name is really misleading)
Is Browns General Election Fund Ad Illegal ?

I’m hoping the Hackett campaign hires this Buckeye Senate Blogger. It will make the victory over Hackett so much easier with all the BS this guy is spewing. I feel sorry for the true Hackett supporters who have to deal with this guy running around.

Update: All this payola talk has got me thinking, why am I doing this for free?

Things are looking better again

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I woke up this morning and things were looking better already, with the exception of that embarrassing spelling mistake in my last post. The Brown campaign has changed the ads to ActBlue advertisements featuring both candidates. Contributions made into the ActBlue fund will go to the winner of the primary, to use against Mike DeWine.

Now I know some take issue with this, but IMO this is the best way to go. If you want a Democrat to beat Mike DeWine, give money to whoever wins the primary. There is no point in wasting millions of dollars fighting each other in a primary. I’ll give a little to Sherrod now and I’ll give money to the general fund, if Hackett wins that’s OK. He’ll need all he can get if it turns out that he will be taking on Mike DeWine. Although of course I'd rather have it be Sherrod.

Update: I don't know what's up with this but Benjamin Rahn from ActBlue is commenting on various blogs that they aren't involved. Not sure why they are springing into defense mode. Also I think it was an honest mistake that the ads at first directed to the Brown campaign site, but a few people don’t see it like that.

Are the wheels coming off the wagon?

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My last post has been quoted by a few sites (some without attributing it to this blog) as the wheels coming off the wagon. So are the wheels coming off the wagon? I honestly don’t know, but it sure seems like the wagon is stuck in the mud. But enough with the wagon analogies, this is starting to sound like the Roberts confirmation hearings with the Baseball analogies.

The open casting call for campaign staff seems a bit troubling to me. I would have expected the campaign to be picking and choosing staff, or has everybody said no? That’s really not the way to hire staff, but then again what do I know.

Also the editing of the original statement, of Sherrod not running, was probably not the best move to make. It’s out there already why try and change it? Remember blogs are instant and they are forever.

It’s to bad all of this had to turn out like this, Sherrod Brown really is a good candidate but in the past few days I’ve really been having some doubts about the campaign that’s being run. It’s misstep after misstep. Hopefully they will be able to get their act together.

Update: Rule #1, don't blog when you are tired, yes it should have been 'off'

Who will take over?

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Tim Tagaris’s leaving GrowOhio is going to leave the already hurt Brown campaign in even more trouble. So far it’s not clear who will be taking over and the open call for resumes certainly isn’t a promising sign. The obvious person to take over would be Jerome Armstrong who is already on the Brown payroll and involved in some fashion with GrowOhio. Although I believe at this time Jerome is still in California.

I still have not heard anything about an announcement date or any other campaign kickoff information.

In other news, the Hackett campaign will be kicking off on Monday at Hacketts house in Cincinnati. The new web site has also been launched and the campaign is getting into motion.

Just to remind some of those out there who haven’t picked up on this yet. None of the information on this blog is official. It is speculation, based on news reports and rumor. I am neither an employee of the campaign nor a volunteer of the campaign at this time.

Brown and the OHIO Blogosphere

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I will join everybody else in the analysis of the following now controversial quote,
“The blogs were here for Hackett, and here for me,” Brown told The Associated Press, holding his hand high for Hackett’s support level and then lowering it for his own. “Now, they’re even and that was the only place he had any advantage before.”

Are Sherrod Brown and Paul Hackett even in the blogosphere? No, absolutely not. But I think the Ohio blogosphere is divided equally. Those with the strongest feelings for Hackett and against Brown seem to be in other parts of the country.

One such example is the Californians for Hackett group forming on DailyKos. They don’t have a vote in this and they don’t have the interests of Ohioans in mind. They have their own interests in mind. They want a guy who’s going to call the President a SOB. While I don’t agree with the President, it doesn’t warrant that. Senators are supposed to be Statesman, not running around like a bunch of immature teenagers using profanity. That doesn’t go over well with a lot of people in Ohio, we are proud and we don’t need somebody like that representing us. If you in California want somebody like that, why don’t you elect him to be your Senator.

Ohioans are also not going to pick their Senator based on the war in Iraq. Not that Ohioans don't care about Iraq. But they are going to pick the guy who’s going to keep the steel mills from closing. The person who is fighting for healthcare and social security. Issues like that, along with others, are what Ohioans care about. That person is obviously Sherrod Brown. That is why he will be the next Senator from the great state of Ohio.

Join Sherrod Brown’s Team

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The campaign is now taking applications for the following 3 positions: Internet Communications Director, Internet Outreach Organizer and Webmaster/Technical Director. If you are interested visit this site.
Also it’s now official, Tim Tagaris will be taking a new job at the DNC in DC.
[…] I accepted a job at the Democratic National Committee to begin after the Reform Ohio Now election this November. Over the next year, I look forward to helping create a smooth conduit for communication between the national party and the netroots. […] The opportunity at the DNC was entirely too important to pass on, and I will leave sometime in November to DC. I'm thankful to the future Senator from Ohio, Sherrod Brown, and his excellent staff, for this opportunity at Grow Ohio.

Good Luck Tim

Why Sherrod (Part 1) - Trade

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Sherrod Brown has been leading the fight against unfair ‘free trade’ and for ‘free and fair trade’. The passage of NAFTA by the GOP controlled congress who’s campaigns are funded by corporate donations has cost hundreds of thousands of Americans their jobs. The Representatives and Senators who voted to approve these agreements have been corrupted by big money. These leaders aren’t acting in the interest of the American people, they are acting on the interests of corporate America.

These trade agreements do nothing to create jobs for Americans and actually encourages American corporations to outsource work to cheap labor in other countries. It also hurts the workers in the countries to which we outsource, because the agreements do nothing to encourage better labor standards in those countries. They are increasing corporate profits while leaving Americans job less, and in some cases homeless. Much of the same will be true for recently passed Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), once it goes into full effect it will cost more Americans their jobs and way of life.

Don’t be mislead, Sherrod Brown is not completely against free trade but he is against unfair free trade. The idea that these agreements would allow US companies to more easily sell their product on foreign markets may be true, but the reality is that there isn’t a market for these products. Citizens of these countries can’t afford to buy American made vehicles. The reality is that many Americans can’t even afford to buy American made vehicles. Electing Sherrod Brown to the US Senate would allow this champion of fair trade and labor to continue leading the fight against unfair free trade agreements.

Just a tidbit or two

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Not much to report, other then what was mentioned yesterday seems to be confirmed now. The Ohio Democratic Congressional delegation is rallying around Sherrod Brown. The Brown camp appears to be getting their act together for an official kickoff some time next month. I haven’t heard a date yet, but I’m guessing it will be announced on GrowOhio.

I’m not sure what the status of the Hackett campaign is, although some supporters seemed to be annoyed at the Brown campaign for buying all these BlogAds. They are also commenting that why doesn’t Sherrod just post a diary on DailyKos to have a dialog, one he is smart enough not to get trapped in that one and two he’s got other things to worry about (you know unlike Hackett he actually won a House race).

Rep. Strickland encouraged Brown to run

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The Hill is reporting that Rep. Strickland influenced Sherrod's decision to enter the race early this month.
Rep. Ted Strickland, who is seeking the Ohio governor’s mansion, urged Rep. Sherrod Brown to run for the Senate shortly before Brown announced earlier this month that he would do so.


The hope, voiced by Strickland and other Democrats, is that Brown, from northeastern Ohio, and Strickland, from the southeast, would jointly mobilize an array of urban liberals and rural, conservative Democrats across the state.

“I do believe that Sherrod and I can have complementary campaigns,” Strickland said in an interview yesterday. Strickland called Brown one of the “brightest minds” in the Democratic Party and a longtime friend.


Brown’s colleagues in the House, meanwhile, appear to be coalescing around his candidacy. Besides Strickland, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) has endorsed Brown, Kucinich spokesman Doug Gordon said. Other members of Ohio’s six-member Democratic delegation are expected to back Brown, Democratic sources indicated. Nicole Williams, a spokeswoman for Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Ohio), said the congresswoman would be publicly endorsing one of the two candidates.

OT: Schwarzenegger Supports Ohio Issue 4

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Adding another twist to Reform Ohio Now, The New York Times is reporting that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is supporting Issue 4.
A campaign aide to Mr. Schwarzenegger, Darrel Ng, said Monday that the governor endorsed the Ohio measure, known on the Nov. 8 ballot as Issue 4, though he has not said so publicly. A top supporter of the measures in both states said Mr. Schwarzenegger would participate in a series of public events this week to signal his stance.

View the Complete Article
(For a Password visit BugMetNot.com)

This proves that Issue 4 is not a partisan issue, it’s just the right thing to do. Everybody, Democrat or Republican, should realize this and vote ‘Yes’ on November 8th.

Brown Blog Ad Buy

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I’m sure you have already seen them. The campaign has BlogAds running on all the leading progressive blogs including DailyKos, atrios, MyDD and the Swing State Project. Taking the published weekly rates into consideration, I’d estimate this add buy to be costing between $4000 and $5000 a week. Although I have been unable to confirm any numbers or weeks of commitment. And yes, a few people seem to be upset by this already.

Sherrod Brown's Letter

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In case you haven't already seen it:

Welcome Friends,

This has been an extraordinarily busy year to be a representative of Ohio in DC, perhaps the most invigorating of my thirteen years in Congress. Activists in Ohio and across the nation have joined together to combat the most insidious aspects of the Bush agenda:

We have stopped and probably killed Social Security privatization.

We came within one vote of defeating the job-killing Central American Free Trade Agreement.

We have exposed the vote-buying tactics and middle-of-the-night antics of Tom DeLay and the Republican majority.

We have changed the national debate on Iraq, trade, prescription drugs, Medicaid, and ethics.

On the political front, we have already begun to change Ohio. Early this year, my campaign hired Dan Lucas, an experienced political field operative to retool the Ohio Democratic Party in preparation for the 2006 elections.

We are assisting the state party in unearthing illegal Republican practices in the state, pulling back the curtain to expose years of political corruption and cronyism in Ohio.

We began the GrowOhio.org blog, and in August, our bloggers helped Paul Hackett come close to being elected in the 2nd district, one of Ohio’s most difficult to win for Democrats.

We have recruited and trained top-tier Democratic candidates to challenge Republicans, raised money for candidates, and are co-coordinating message among candidates at all levels.

Now I am ready, with your help, to take all of this to the next level.

Before the end of November, I will officially kick off my campaign for the United States Senate. We will immediately showcase the depth and breadth of support that my candidacy has already attracted. Together, we are going to challenge and defeat an incumbent Republican United States Senator next year in Ohio.

Thanks for your support,

Buckeye Senate Blog?

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Came across this blog the other day and wasn’t sure what to make of it. “Blogging The 2006 Ohio Senate Race” the banner reads, well not quite. To me it looks to be a Hackett for Senate Blog with a bad disguise, nothing wrong with that but why not just say what you are doing? It’s also not clear who’s behind it, but I suspect it’s one of the usual suspects.

OT: Reform Ohio Now – GOTV

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With the upcoming election being an off year election some will see no reason to go out of their way to vote. But it isn’t so, the issues up for vote on Election Day matter to everyday Ohioans. Especially the Reform Ohio Now Issues 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Issue 2 will make voting much easier, making it less of a burden by giving the option of voting by mail. Voters won’t have to take time of from work or find somebody to watch the kinds when they vote. They won’t even have to stand in long lines outside of the precinct in the cold November rain like so many had to last year. Stress free voting without any time pressure or other factors preventing one from making their voice heard.

Issue 3 will limit the amount of money a person can contribute to a campaign and put other limits on big money involvement in races. It will significantly limit the special interest groups to sway elections and policy agendas.

Issue 4 creates an independent commission that will be charged with redrawing the districts after every Census. This would ensure that districts are drawn that give proper representation. As opposed to the current system that is completely partisan politically motivated and actually drawn by the politicians themselves.

Issue 5 will create an independent State Board of Election that will consist of 9 members. Instead of the current election system that is overseen by the Secretary of State who is a partisan elected official.

Tell you friends, tell you family, tell your neighbors that they must go and vote YES on Issues 2, 3, 4 and 5 in order to Reform Ohio Now!

Sherrod Brown for US Senate Buttons

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I just put up my virtual Sherrod Brown button and so should you. Read on to find out how.

Tim Tagaris at GrowOhio:
There are many ways supporters of this campaign can get involved online. While most candidates begin with an attempt to solicit contributions via the web, we have decided to take another tact. If you have your own website or blog, please consider placing a Sherrod Brown for U.S. Senate button on your site. We have created both a small and large graphic for you to select, and when visitors click them, they are directed to Sherrod Brown's website, or here to Grow Ohio.

Get involved!

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I know a lot of you want to get involved with the campaign for Senate and as the campaign gets underway there will be a need for volunteers. It is my understanding that a lot of the logistics such as the campaign headquarters and the like has not been laid out yet. So even though it is still a little early for now, if you haven’t already, go over to SherrodBrown.com and join the mailing list in the upper right hand corner of the page. Then continue checking that page and this blog, I will post information as soon as I get it.

Not much

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Trying a new layout, it's Blogger but with a WordPress theme, report any bugs please.

democracyguy analyzes where the "blogdaddies" stand

Well, Kos didn't even put Hackett's announcement at DailyKos onto the front page Friday, and sounds like he's sitting it out. Atrios sounds like he's sitting it out. Jerome Armstrong at MyDD is on Sherrod Brown's payroll, his buddy at MyDD Chris Bowers claims he's undecided. Swing State Project's Bob Brigham is openly pro-hackett, but his SSP buddy Tim Tagaris has a murky, perhaps paid, relationship with Sherrod Brown at GrowOhio.

Do the online contributors follow the candidate or the blogdaddy? Will this divide weaken the progressive blogosphere? or is it just temporary?

Hackett is in

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Hackett announced via DailyKos that he will be running, Diary Link. Let the primary begin!

What do you think?

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I copied all the posts over to WordPress, so should I stay with this (http://brown2006.blogspot.com) or move over to http://runsherrodrun.com?

Comment away please

I'll stop repeating my self now

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Well it's obvious whom I support so there really isn't a reason at this point to continually make posts stating why I support Sherrod Brown. I'm also not going to go and post negatively about Paul Hackett. I believe that Paul Hackett is a good candidate but I believe Sherrod Brown is a better candidate. So until there is an actual campaign to blog about and issue analysis to be made I'm probably going to remain relatively quite. At the same time I will continue to post and link comments and articles by other writers and bloggers.

Oh and I know there is a poll and I know one of you knows something about it, so ... (Hint: Send me the details!)

BTW: I'm thinking about moving to WordPress, comments?

DailyKos: OH-Sen: The Case For Sherrod Brown

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displacedyankeedemocrat over at DailyKos is making alot of sense, so check it out:
Let me begin by saying that I think that both Paul Hackett and Sherrod Brown are both men are men of truly good intentions who want the best for their state and their country. I refuse to dump on either one of them, and anyone who chooses to do so does not advance best interests of the party in the process.

A lot has been said here about the merits of Brown and Hackett. There is a lively debate over this, and I believe that it is not a bad thing. However, in my mind, the difference between Brown and Hackett, is less about ideology than focus issues.

If Paul Hackett was our Senate candidate, the focus would be on Iraq. There's nothing wrong with that. It is a horrible situation that our leadership has led us into, and I believe that Paul Hackett would do an admirable job presenting the argument for the need for a plan of how to deal with Iraq.

However, with all that having been said, I do not believe that Iraq is the most important issue for the state of Ohio right now. That particular issue is the ecoonomy, and that's why I think Sherrod Brown is the best person we can nominate as our party's candidate for US Senate.


There is genuine anger in Ohio right now over the passage of CAFTA, which went over like a lead brick in the state. There is anger over the decline of the manufacturing economy. There is anger over the direction that the country is headed in right now. That anger is brewing among working class union members in Ohio, and they're eager to punish the GOPers who voted for it. Brown is the man who is in the best position to translate that sentiment into a Democratic win at the ballot box, and that's why I'm supporting Sherrod Brown to be the next United States Senator from Ohio.
Complete Post

In response to some comments made:
I'm not going to disagree with the notion that Hackett might be able to win parts of southern Ohio, but I think he will have a much harder time winning in the North then Brown will have winning in the South. Nobody ever takes into consideration that Hackett will have trouble up North.

Response to commenter

Posted by Brown06 4 comments  

Chagrin Rick:

If you think for an instant that the Dewine camp won't use Brown's flip-flip against him, you're dreaming. [...]

Do I think that the DeWine camp will use the Brown's "flip-flip" against him? I not only think they will, I expect they will because that's how they play the game. Did I expect the Hackett supporters to do it? No, I'm pretty disappointed that they would stoop to that level to try and discredit Sherrod Brown

More attacks on Brown

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A conveniently anonymous emailer reports the following about candidate night with Sherrod Brown to Ohio Honest Elections.
"[...] As soon as the meeting was adjourned, lively confrontations erupted pertaining to citizen concerns around two excellent candidates engaging in mortal combat that should all be directed toward defeating Mike DeWine in 2006 [...]"

A commenter on the Ohio 2nd Blog named zachwest1 who was also present at the event has a slightly different version of what happened.
As someone who was present at the event, I can say that is a gross distortion.
There was one question about the primary, followed by several questions about GOP corruption, followed by a woman who wanted Sherrod Brown to support phonics in schools.
Rep. Brown's answer to the question wasn't very defensive, IMHO. He said that he changed his mind because of changes in his family and Congressional situation-his daughter had just gotten married, his other two daughters were starting college, and his wife is a journalist and had been concerned about the impact of his run on her job. Those issues are now resolved, and his family supports his run.
He didn't say anything negative about Hackett, and I don't recall him accusing Hackett of flip-flopping or mentioning his military service, period.

Hackett supporters playing dirty already, that's pretty sad. But I'm confident the people of Ohio are able to separate fact from fiction. The fact is that Sherrod Brown is on our side.

Bloggers slinging mud at Brown

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Some bloggers are still pissed that Sherrod Brown has entered a race and are calling him all kinds of things. They seem to be more upset at Brown then they are at Senator DeWine. Because they know Hackett can't beat Brown in the primary. But that's the point of a primary isn't it? To determine who is the best candidate. If Hackett is the best candidate then Hackett will win the primary. If he doesn't win the primary then he never had a chance of beating DeWine anyway. I'm still waiting for somebody to make me a good argument as to why Hackett is the better candidate. All I keep reading is that he is "better", "strong" and "more moderate", but nothing to really explain why. Also Brown knows how to run an election and raise money. Oh but wait you say, Hackett raised all this money online in a short amount of time. If you remember that was with the help of Sherrod Brown's people and infrastructure. The sooner that all of you realize that running a 2 month special election with low voter turn out is nothing like running a state wide year long race, the better of we all will be.

PR: Healthcare Update from Sherrod Brown

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Healthcare Update from Congressman Sherrod Brown

Knowing of your interest in healthcare, I am writing to alert you to developments in Congress that will have a direct and lasting impact on the healthcare needs of impoverished children, the frail elderly, individuals with disabilities and other vulnerable Americans.

As part of the budget process, Republican leaders are pursuing at least $10 billion in cuts from the Medicaid program. The President and House Republican leaders have recently proposed even deeper cuts to Medicaid and other programs that serve the poor and the elderly, reducing these programs to help offset tax cuts and the cost of Hurricane Katrina relief. They have resurrected a controversial proposal to turn Medicaid into a system of state-run "block grants". Under this proposal, the federal government would abandon Medicaid after a pre-set funding level is reached, leaving millions of children, seniors and other vulnerable Americans behind.

Medicaid is a federal/state partnership that provides health and long-term care coverage to millions of Americans. More than one in four of the nation's children would be uninsured if not for Medicaid. Because of Medicaid, pregnant women who live in poverty gain access to the pre- and post-natal care they need to ensure the health of their baby. Individuals with disabilities are able to live and work in the community because of Medicaid. Medicaid is the primary payer for two out of three Ohioans in nursing homes.

The devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina highlighted the importance of Medicaid. Katrina victims need health care that they simply cannot afford. The affected states are in crisis and are unable to fulfill the need, and the states hosting dislocated residents are unable to stretch their limited resources to cover access gaps. While the President has refused to provide federal funding to help the affected states deliver needed health care to Katrina Victims, a bipartisan coalition in Congress has recognized the need for meaningful federal assistance. Importantly, this coalition is advocating enhanced federal support for Medicaid as the most cost-efficient means of delivering this assistance.

In the wake of this natural disaster, it is particularly disturbing that the President and Congressional leaders would contemplate draining dollars from the Medicaid program. There has never been a greater need for Medicaid coverage. There is no ready alternative for the populations Medicaid serves.

If Americans care about the well-being of the unfortunate, about the health of our children and our parents, then our leaders should be bolstering Medicaid funding, not cutting it. As it stands, there are waiting lists for critical services and states are cutting coverage and benefits. Any legitimate savings garnered from Medicaid should be reinvested in the program to help preserve and expand it.

It is likely that Congress will debate the budget cuts within the next few weeks. Now is the time for concerned Americans to consider whether withholding funding from health care programs is the right way to fix the nation's budget problems, and give voice to your views on this important issue.

OH02 Blog : 75% chance that Hackett will not run

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Editor over at the Ohio 2nd Blog:

I'm raising the odds of Paul Hackett's political career being over to 75%. I don't see him taking on the Democratic Leadership, and I don't see him putting up with their B.S.

Complete Post

The Seven Cent Nickel supports Sherrod Brown

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From The Seven Cent Nickel

Readers of the Seven Cent Nickel know that I have been calling for Sherrod Brown to run for the U.S. Senate from nearly the day this blog was launched. And they will also know that while I had expressed some concerns over Paul Hackett, I also said I would support him if he were the nominee. None of that has changed. If Hackett is the nominee, he will get my support. But in light of Sherrod Brown's recent decision to run, I am announcing that I will support Sherrod Brown for for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate.

Sherrod has a long history of service to Ohio and is one of the most progressive voices in Ohio politics at any level. Like his fellow Ohio Democrats, Sherrod voted against giving the President authority to invade Iraq. He led the fight against CAFTA, and broke with his party and President to oppose NAFTA, a law that has cost Ohio thousands of jobs. Sherrod is also a strong advocate for passenger rail (one of my pet issues) and understands that energy issues are as much about homeland security as they are about your pocketbook. In short, Sherrod Brown will be a strong, progressive voice for Ohio in the U.S. Senate.

For the reasons above and more, Sherrod Brown is my pick for the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate from Ohio.

Sunday PD Articles

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I actually read this this morning but I've been busy doing other stuff. I just haven't gotten around to it. If you get the Cleveland Plain Dealer, not sure if it's on the web site, check out the article on A16 and the Forum piece on H1. They are two good pieces discussing the DeWine, Brown and Hackett.

The quote that I think everybody should keep in mind is this, "If people look at who I am in terms of taking on the drug companies, in terms of fighting Medicare and Social Security privatization, they don't see 'liberal,' they see that Sherrod Brown's on their side". The people of the 13th District already know this. Conveying this message to the rest of Ohio is what will make him the strongest candidate to run against Mike DeWine. Also Sherrod Brown has voted on some things that are very conservative. Voting "yes" on some issues that a lot of democrats voted 'no' on. Because he stands for what Ohioans stand for, he truly is on our side. More on that later this week ...

Also an interesting tidbit in the article is about DeWine and Bono, Bono called DeWine "the bodyguard of the world's poor today". Not sure what to make of it, but I did find this picture.

BTW: Don't bother sending me advertisements through the tip box, I'm the only one that see that and I'm not going to be posting them. Also if you email me, please give me a few hours to get back to you. I don't have Blackberry or anything like that to respond immediately.

Sherrod Brown on gun control

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A lot of Ohioans, both Republican and Democrat, enjoy gun ownership and hunting. Particularly in rural Ohio, where guns are part of everyday life. Traditional gun ownership is not limited to those areas alone, it's also commonplace in many suburban areas around the major cities. Sherrod Brown has in the past voted for "gun control" legislation and gets portrayed at times as being on a crusade to take away guns from Americans. This is not true, as is evident by this July 2004 statement by spokeswoman Joanna Kuebler. It reads as follows,

"[Sherrod Brown] supports 'common sense' reforms that balance the rights of gun owners with the need to increase public safety and protect children"

"Common sense" means owning a gun to protect yourself and your family, or to hunt. He is not in support of taking away that right from Americans. But you don't need an automatic weapon or anything of that nature to do that. Sherrod Brown knows that the key is to find a middle ground where the laws are taking the guns from the criminals and not from the law-abiding citizens.

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I just exceeded my bandwidth therefore all the images and the tip box will be down for a bit till I get this figured out.

Update: It's up again, but I'm still going to switch to a different host

Have some bloggers already crossed the line?

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Check out this analysis by David Sirota

It doesn't matter what their public reasoning is, these people for whatever reason (maybe they see better job prospects for themselves with Hackett than with Brown?) are not being honest, because no honest person could say that a Brown for Senate, and Hackett for House ticket isn't the strongest possible way to gain the most congressional seats on election day. I'm sorry, you just can't. It is a hard, concrete fact. As my article notes (and math dictates), winning a U.S. Senate seat and picking up a U.S. House seat is better for Democrats than competing only for the Senate seat.

Complete Post

Update: Let my clarify, I was not attacking anybody with this. I was pointing out his reasoning (not mine) for why some bloggers are supporting Hackett.

Why should Hackett get the nomination?

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Everybody keeps asking "why vote for Sherrod Brown?", the real question is "why vote for Paul Hackett?". Sherrod Brown has a track record on where he stands on the issues, you can look up everything he has supported and opposed (I'll post a few in the next few days). Paul Hackett ... no clue, he has no record on anything. Again I'm not saying Paul Hackett is a bad guy and I'm not Hackett bashing (like some are Brown bashing). I'm far from it, he just doesn't have a record on anything.

Also something that should be realized is that this is not a special election in August, this will be a normal primary and then later a sure to be lively general election in November. The average voter will know about the election and the average voter will show up and vote ... but the average voter doesn't know Paul Hackett. Oh and those that point to the Zogby poll, keep in mind it didn't even include Sherrod Brown so that doesn't make for a good benchmark.

Oh and finally, get over it he changed his mind about running. So stop acting like a bunch of kindergarteners about it.

Tipsters: If anybody picks up anything about any new polls in the field (even without results) drop me a note.


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Just to remind everybody this is an unofficial blog. This blog is not affiliated nor funded by Sherrod Brown or any campaign. Official information is best obtained from GrowOhio.org or SherrodBrown.com. You can contact Congressman Sherrod Brown directly via this page.

Email Response

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I got an email from a fellow blogger the other day asking me why he should support Sherrod Brown over Paul Hackett. I thought I might as well post it here (slightly modified). Without getting into specific issues, since it's kind of hard to when Hackett doesn't really have a track record on how he stands on the issues.

I think the primary difference is that Hackett hasn't held a statewide office or an office in which he was involved with national policy. Brown has experience being a Congressman and Ohio Secretary of State, as a member of the House of Representatives he has worked on the issues that the matter to the average Ohioan, such as trade policy. I also think that Hackett comes off as being an inflammatory person, while that might be great for getting the democratic base it is not going to get the all important swing vote in Ohio.

It's official, Sherrod Brown: I'm On Your Side

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Earlier today, I began to inform my friends and colleagues that I will run for the United States Senate in 2006.

Due to personal and professional obligations, I was unable to enter the race earlier this year. For the first half of 2005, I devoted my entire professional life to leading the bipartisan effort against the Central American Free Trade Agreement. I also walked my daughter down the aisle at her wedding and sent two more daughters off to college.

The requests for me to run never abated. When my duties in Congress and at home changed, I was able to reconsider my decision. After consulting with my family, fellow Ohioans, and state and national leaders in the Democratic Party, I was honored to accept the call to run statewide.

I look forward to fighting for Ohio's working families. Ohio deserves to once again enjoy good-paying jobs with benefits. Our children deserve a quality education, and tuition every family can afford. Our families deserve access to affordable health care, health insurance, and prescription drugs. And we must finally bring down out-of-control gas prices with an energy policy that places consumers before corporate profits.

The culture of corruption plaguing state and federal government has led our state down the wrong path and it is time for change. As Ohio's next Senator, I will help lead our state toward promise and prosperity.

I will make a formal announcement with my family and supporters at a large public event later this month.

Official Statement tonight

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It appears that an official statement will be made later today, GrowOhio.org is reporting the same so I'm sure it's going to happen.

Brown is the best candidate

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What are the odds, I go to post and Blogger is down. Anyway, please stop it already with the straw polls, especially the DailyKos ones. Hackett is the DailyKos golden boy and if the members of DailyKos where voting in the Ohio Senatorial primary then I'm sure he would get the nomination, but they aren't (if you can turn a 70% lead in a DailyKos straw poll into a 70% lead in the primary election then my hat is of to whoever does that). Paul Hackett is unknown in most of Ohio. Brown has name recognition among Ohioans, they know what he stands for and they are sick of Mike DeWine. That is why he will win the primary and that is also why he will the general in the fall of 2006.

So he's in now?

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I was going to wait to post it till I get confirmation, hasn't happend yet but I posted anyway. According to Hotline Sherrod Brown is going to challenge Mike DeWine.

Making the case again

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Oh we are back to playing this game again, I thought it was over ... oh well. Sherrod Brown is still the best person to challenge Mike DeWine, Brown is a name in Ohio. Even moderate Republicans here recognize Sherrod as being a "Good Guy", who has come through many times in Ohio, especially for the blue-collar work force. If Brown announces that he will run, he will get the full backing of the Democratic Party, the netroots may be another story. Do the netroots really matter in a Hackett v. Brown primary? I would say a little, primarily through donations. Something to keep in mind in Ohio is the north/south divide, northern part of the state would probably easily go to Sherrod Brown, Hackett has 0 name recognition among the average voter up here. While the southern part will probably got to Hackett, but not by as big of a margin as the north would go to Brown. I guess you can run the numbers anyway you want ... bottom line, I'm on the Brown side.

Then again my opinion and $4 will get you coffee at Starbucks since I'm in Northern Ohio and I live maybe 15 minutes from the Congressman.

If you know anything let me know

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If you have any news of this development send me an email, Brown2006@gmai.com (as always emails are confidential) or the tip box (please be specific, since I don't know who you are I can't follow up for clarification).

Edit: I guess Hackett is in now, announcing on Oct 24

Not again please

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All I have to say is don't tease us. If Brown is going to run please say it, but don't get everybody's hopes up and then pull out again. We've gone through this one to many times already, everybody gets their hopes up and Brown doesn't run, then everybody gets up their hopes up for Ryan and he says no and now everybody was talking Hackett and we haven't heard anything definitive about that yet. Although he did say that if he lost in that last special election he would go back to the Marines, so ...

I'll have more analysis later

Not out yet?

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Hotline via GrowOhio.org

Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-13) spokesperson Joanna Kuebler, on Brown's previous statement he would not run:

"His statement has not changed at this time. However, Congressman Brown continues to be asked by state and national supporters to run for the United States Senate in Ohio. Personal and professional obligations have changed since his initial decision. He is consulting with supporters and his family about a possible run."

(Hotline reporting, 10/3).

Jose Candelario in 2006

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The 13th District Ohio State Senate seat has always been a contested one, last time around it came down to only about 400 votes. This time around Republican encumber Armbruster, who's gas stations recently had to file for bankruptcy, will be challenged by Democrat Jose Candelorio from Amherst. I really don't have a lot of information about him, but from the little I know about him he seems to support reducing property taxes and increasing school funding (I'd like to have a few more details about how he's going to do that, but we'll see). The campaign seems like it's off to a good start. Although the campaign really needs to add content to the web site, like more information on the issues, a volunteer sign up and the ability to accept online donation. I'd keep an eye on this one, it's definitely a going to be close but a very winnable one for Candelario.

Check out the Campaign here