What is Sherrod doing to lower gas prices?

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Well Congressman Brown is currently supporting three new legislative measures. First he is a co-sponsor of an Anti-Price Gauging Legislation (HR 3782), which is being sponsored by Congresswoman Heather Wilson from New Mexico, yes a Republican. That's putting common sense and the American people in front of partisan politics and big corporations. The bill will prohibit unfair price gauging after a disasters, it would limit the price to a maximum of 110% of the average gas price in the area in which the disaster was declared. The Oil Reserve Pricing Reform Act which will limit the filling of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve during times when oil prices are high so the government isn't raising prices for American consumers. Finally you have the GAS Reserves Act introduced by Congressman Brown himself. From the Congressman's official web site, "The GAS Reserves Act would create gasoline reserves in the Midwest and other historically vulnerable areas. These reserves could provide a price buffer when pipelines or refinery outages occur, mitigating price spikes that hurt consumers."

If you spot Gas gouging call the Attorney General at 800-282-0515