Wal-Mart hearing

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Well apparently Sherrod Brown held hearings on Wal-Mart in Cleveland on Monday, I didn’t hear about it till today. I didn’t see it in the PD on Sunday, don’t remember seeing it on the local news and I didn’t get an email. Oh well, I would have gone.

Here is the press release:

"Are Americans Shopping Themselves Out of a Job?"

CLEVELAND — Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-13) today held the first-ever congressional forum on Wal-Mart. More than one hundred area residents attended the event, which featured Democratic Cleveland Reps. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones (D-11), Dennis Kucinich (D-10), and Ohio State Senator Bob Hagan. "Clearly this is an issue of great personal importance for families throughout northeast Ohio," Brown said. "I was impressed by how well informed the audience was about the effects of Wal-Mart on local workers and businesses." Prompted by fierce opposition to Wal-Mart in Cleveland, and concerns about the retail giant dumping employees onto state Medicaid rolls, the forum brought together economists, business owners, and workers to help examine the Wal-Mart business model. Testifying at today's forum were:

* Heather Boushey, Economist, Center for Economic and Policy Research
* Bob Baugh, Executive Director of the AFL-CIO Industrial Union Council
* Amy Hanauer, Executive Director, Policy Matters Ohio
* Burt Saltzman, Owner and Chief Executive Officer, Dave's Supermarkets
* Carla Henthorn, former Rubbermaid worker
* Tuesday Chapman, Tops Markets worker
* John Letner, Vice President, BCTGM Local 19

"We asked tough questions today," Brown said. "How do we help consumers look beyond sticker prices, and how do we attract good businesses to Ohio so consumers don't have to shop themselves out of a job?" Ohio has lost more than 170,000 manufacturing jobs since 2000. The event, held at the Cleveland State University Marshall School of Law, examined the outsourcing of American jobs, lower wages for local workers, and growing homeland security concerns of the Wal-Mart business model. 60 percent of all products sold at Wal-Mart are made in China. "Governments and communities must begin investing in businesses that foster economic growth, meet consumer needs, and honor workers," Brown said. "Instead, we are watching our main streets disappear while investing billions of dollars in the world's largest communist power." Brown said he plans to release a report based on today's findings to help determine the next steps for community and government efforts. He has set up a link on his congressional Web site where visitors can submit questions and comments. A Web cast of the hearing will be available by Friday, September 23, 2005. For more information visit www.house.gov/sherrodbrown.