Brown Introduces Gas Price Legislation

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Congressman Brown has introduced legislation responding to record high gasoline prices. As Ohio motorists know, prices were already high before Hurricane Katrina damaged key domestic refining capacity. Every 1ยข increase in retail gas prices costs consumers more than $1 billion a year. Congressman Brown's legislative package attacks high gas prices on several fronts:

* GAS Reserves Act - Would create regional reserves of gasoline to provide a cushion for consumers when pipelines or refineries go out
* Oil Reserve Pricing Reform Act - Would require the Energy Department to consider oil prices before pumping scarce oil into the ground for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve
* Anti-Gouging Bill - Would prohibit gasoline price gouging in the wake of a natural or man-made national or state emergency, and would allow the Federal Trade Commission to take action against violators

For more information, visit Congressman Brown's Web site.