Hackett for Senate?

Posted by Brown06 6 comments  

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about Hackett considering running against DeWine, I’m not sure whether he is seriously considering it or whether people are just trying to push him to run. Personally I don’t think he has enough name recognition outside of the OH-2nd to run state wide, at least for Senate. I decided to conduct a little poll among a few of my friends, all of them up here in Lorain County, and asked them if they knew who Paul Hackett was. At no surprise to me … most didn’t. You can take that for what it’s worth … if anything. So in short, yes I still believe Sherrod Brown is the best potential candidate for the job.

The RunSherrodRun petition is now up to 91, so keep up the good work and keep telling your friends, family and random people you run into on the street.