Thanks for your support

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Well I guess it’s time to shut this blog down, at least for now. It's been fun and thanks to all of you who have read, have commented or other wise contributed to this blog.

Take care

So here's who's left

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Here are the names I've seen thrown around now that Sherrod Brown is out:

Martin Sheen
Jerry Springer

The first two would be great candidates (still not quite as good as Brown would have been), the last two ... every time I see Martin Sheen I think "Bartlet", every time I see Jerry Springer I think ... oh you don't even want to know.

Sherrrod Brown makes a decision

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I've been informed that Sherrod Brown has made a decision, I at this point do not know how it will got.

Developing ....

Off Topic: Google Ads? Yes? No? Something else?

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I'm been running these Google Ads for a while now and they haven't netted much. So I'd like to know what you (my loyal readers) think, are the ads to distracting? Are they not worth the little they produce? Is there some other ad program I should look into?

Let me know comment or email me

New Layout

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I've been working on the layout, let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Update: For one I just noticed I spelled "unofficial" wrong

DeWine is in trouble

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As I posted last week (via the VikingSpirt) John Hritz has now official announced that he will challenge Mike DeWine. This could at the very least make things interesting, since some GOP members have become unhappy with DeWine and will now presumably support Hritz. Even if Hritz doesn’t win the nomination (which I personally think is a bit unlikely, but crazier things have happened) it will cost the DeWine camp a lot of energy and a lot of cold hard cash. So now all that is needed is for the democratic side to stand behind one candidate (who I obviously believe should be Sherrod Brown) and avoid a messy primary battle. This would give the Democratic candidate the best chance to win the seat.

"For whoever runs, I have one comment: ANNOUNCE!"

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CRK over at The Seven Cent Nickel pleads with the potential senate candidates to announce. I’m going to join be saying Please Announce! ASAP!

Sherrod Brown and Tim Ryan are the front-runners. Martin Sheen and Jerry Springer are names still hanging in the ether and the latest name to be floated is Paul Hackett.

For whoever runs, I have one comment: ANNOUNCE!

There are literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of potential volunteers ready to go to work for your campaign right now. The 2006 general is 14 months away and the primary only seven. The more time a candidate has after his/her announcement, the more time they have to create an effective ground game. And an effective ground game means more than just door-knocking...

Read it over at The Seven Cent Nickel

Encourage Sherrod Brown to run!

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The petition drives seems to have slowed again to a complete stop. So I just want to encourage anybody who hasn’t already signed it, to please sign the petition now. You don’t have to be from Ohio to sign and actually interestingly only about half of the hits are coming from Ohio, a quarter are from Washington DC and then a few here and there from other states. (This is based on the ISPs)

Thanks to all of you who have already signed and continue spreading the word.
Also, if you have a blog please give a mention and help to drive some traffic to it.

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Check out and the Ohio section
In short, it's a very easy and very fast way for you to find out what's happening in the progressive blogosphere all across America. Want the latest on the Ohio pay-to-play scandal? Go to the Ohio page. Want the latest on the Maryland governor's race? Go to the Maryland page. You get the idea.

Looks like an very interesting concept and it does as it promises, makes it very easy to find out what’s happening from hundreds of sources. I’m going to keep an eye on it and so should you!

Mike DeWine most vulnerable

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Chris Bowers posts on MyDD the most vulnerable Senate seats, with #1 being Mike DeWine.

1. (2) Mike DeWine is extremely vulnerable with a weak 44 / 43 approval rating. Of course, that is not the only reason he is vulnerable. As one of the Gang of 14, DeWine doesn't have many friends in the Republican base and grassroots. After his son was crushed in the Republican primary for OH-02, every Republican blog that wrote about it blamed Son of DeWine's defeat on DeWine being a member of the Gang of 14. Even further, as Hackett proved with an 11-point swing in OH-02, Ohio is clearly becoming increasingly disgusted with the Taft and other scandal-plagued Republicans who have run the state into the ground. Finally, no matter who DeWine's opponent is, Sherrod Brown, Tim Ryan or Paul Hackett, he will be facing a serious, serious challenger. The only poll on the race, by the DSCC, showed him at only 42%, but up six on Brown. Overall, I really think DeWine is toast. Of course, none of the three Dems I listed could run, making me look like an idiot. We shall see.

View the entire post here

Not much to work with

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I'm still here, just haven't had anything to post. Keep emailing me your comments and suggestions, or leave a comment in this post.

Anybody hear anything?

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I’m starting to get a bit frustrated (“a bit” is probably an understatement) about not hearing anything about a possible announcement. I haven’t even heard a rumor or speculation about an announcement, much less whether the announcement from Sherrod Brown would be “I’m running” or “I’m not running”.

So if you have heard anything (even if it’s speculation) please drop me an email or use the anonymous tip box, as always the emails are confidential and I couldn’t tell you who the anonymous tips are from if I wanted to.


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We finally passed the 100 mark on RunSherrodRun and now have 103 signatures. Thanks to all of those who have been spreading the work and continue doing so.

Also H. Pierce Long, IV asked what happens with the money if you donate. The money goes to this blog and (primarily to pay for the hosting of, it does NOT go to the Sherrod Brown campaign fund or anything like that. Sorry about the mix up and if you do decided to donate (nobody has yet) remember that the donation is not tax deductible or anything like that.

Brown move complete?

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Back in July I reported that Sherrod Brown was considering moving to Avon, well it appears he is now living in a $430,000 home on Heron Lane in Avon. From the picture (that I didn't post for obvious reasons) it looks to be a large and beautiful house.

DeWine Challenger

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The Viking Spirit is reporting that John Hritz (former president of AK Steel) will challenge Mike DeWine.

Hackett for Senate?

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I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about Hackett considering running against DeWine, I’m not sure whether he is seriously considering it or whether people are just trying to push him to run. Personally I don’t think he has enough name recognition outside of the OH-2nd to run state wide, at least for Senate. I decided to conduct a little poll among a few of my friends, all of them up here in Lorain County, and asked them if they knew who Paul Hackett was. At no surprise to me … most didn’t. You can take that for what it’s worth … if anything. So in short, yes I still believe Sherrod Brown is the best potential candidate for the job.

The RunSherrodRun petition is now up to 91, so keep up the good work and keep telling your friends, family and random people you run into on the street.

I'm back

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Well I'm now (well came in this morning) back from my trip to PA, MD, VA, NJ and DC. So I'll go back to my regular postings now.

That's it for this moment

Sorry still out of town ...

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I'm still out of town, so I'm sorry I've not been posting. I'm posting right now on my laptop with my phone at an amazin 14kb. Next week I'll be going back to my regular posting.

Continue supporting Sherrod Brown Run Sherrod Run

FYI: Out of Town

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I'm going to be out of town for the next few days so expect blogging to be light. I'll be checking me email as usual so feel free to contact me that way.

“I’m thinking seriously about it [...] I love what I’m doing today, and I would love the Senate.”

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From the front page of The Chronicle-Telegram (Elyria Ohio)
Brown mulls Senate race
by Cindy Leise

Senate Democratic leaders have asked U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown to run against Republican Sen. Mike DeWine next year.
Brown said he is considering it.
“I’m thinking seriously about it,” Brown said. “I love what I’m doing today, and I would love the Senate.”
Brown said Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid talked to him about running for the Senate. If Brown chose to run against DeWine, he couldn’t run for re-election to his 13th Congressional District seat.
“It’s both a personal decision and a professional decision, and I will make the decision as soon as I can,” said Brown, D-Avon. “I don’t have a timetable.”
Phil Singer, a spokesman for the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, called Brown “a smart, aggressive member of Congress who works his heart out for the people he represents and would make an excellent senator.”
DeWine’s approval numbers are down, perhaps in part due to public concern over the scandal involving millions of missing Workers Compensation funds invested in rare coins with dealer Tom Noe, Singer said.
“He took money from Tom Noe,” Singer said. “It doesn’t help him.”
A Democratic poll shows Brown trailing DeWine by six points.
DeWine’s numbers slipped since February, when 56 percent were favorable to him, to 48 percent positive, 25 percent unfavorable and 27 percent unable to rate DeWine.
Only 37 percent believed DeWine was doing a good job and 31 percent believed he deserves re-election, compared to 42 percent who prefer someone else, according to results of the July 25th Democratic poll.
Singer said he hoped to have a strong candidate emerge “in the next few weeks or months.”
Democratic leadership also urged Youngstown-area congressman Tim Ryan to consider joining the race, which now has three lesser-known candidates.
Ted Celeste, a real estate broker and brother of former Ohio Gov. Richard Celeste, is interested in running along with Richard Condray, who ran unsuccessfully for attorney general in 1998 and the Rev. Marvin McMickle, a preacher from Cleveland.
Jason Mauk, political director for the Ohio Republican Party, said he doubts Brown would enter the race.
“He loves to eat up the attention — it feeds his ego,” Mauk said. “I have serious doubts Rep. Brown is going to leave his comfortable congressional seat and get into a Senate race.”
Earlier this year, Brown also considered running for governor but decided in April to stay out of the race.
Mauk said DeWine, who returned the money Noe had donated to his campaign, had nothing to do with investment decisions in rare coins and the senator will emerge unscathed.
Mauk laughed when questioned about Brown’s negatives.
“Where do I start?” he asked. “He has a record on Capital Hill that’s out of the mainstream — he’s more like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry than the average Ohioan.”
President Bush won Ohio and DeWine supports the president 96 percent of the time, Mauk said.
Mauk said he distrusted the results of the Democratic poll and said DeWine remains a popular office-holder.
“This is a Democratic poll and it’s going to say what they want it to say,” he said. “I’d like to see an independent poll.”


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Schmidt won, but the close race is truly a testament to what the netroots can do.

On to 2006! Support Sherrod Brown

OH 2nd

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Incase you haven't been following the OH 2nd special election, Bob over at the Swing State Project is constantly posting updates.

Not much going on

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Not much is happening on the Sherrod Brown front, atleast that I know of. That's why I haven't posted anything. I'm also going to be out of town for a few days starting on Wednesday, so I wouldn't expect to much posting during that time. But if something does happen, I will be sure to post it.