Who is Todd Portune?

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Good question … and one to which I did not have an immediate answer … but I’m ready now. His name came up while I was doing some reading on possible candidates for Mike DeWine’s Senate seat. I see this as being the first bad sign, if I don’t recognize his name, his name recognition can’t possibly be that high (at least in NE Ohio). Mr. Todd Portune is a member of the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners and has been since 2000. Now the obvious question is, why do I think Mr. Portune is not qualified? (Other then that I’m a big Brown fan, like you didn’t notice that) Well I would say experience, Sherrod Brown knows how politics works in Washington from his House experience and this would allow him to better further the issues that matter to Ohioans. This combined with his lack of statewide name recognition, polls show Brown’s to be around 77%, make Sherrod Brown out to be the obvious Democratic candidate.

I'm probably going to write up a longer profile, but this is it for now.