Poll Tip

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Somebody left me an anonymous tip (thanks a lot) saying that a firm is polling Strickland vs. DeWine but the tipster did not give me any additional information. I’ve not been able to independently confirm this but I decided to post it anyway (yeah I know bloggers get a lot of flack for that, but I did admit that I can’t confirm it) Obviously this does not make a lot of sense, since Strickland is running for Governor (Campaign Site). Senate Democrats wanted Strickland to run for DeWine’s Senate Seat but those hopes were dashed when he announced his candidacy for Governor, now this could be a last ditch effort to convince him to change his mind but I don’t think that he is very likely to change his mind (but I’ve been wrong in the past, so …)

Now I did assume we are talking Mike DeWine here , the tip didn’t indicate, what would make a lot more sense to me is if it was Strickland vs. Pat DeWine.

I'll have to give this a little more thought, if anybody has any additional information (like the poll results) please send it to me via email or the tip box.