I oppose CAFTA

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One of the reasons that I'm a strong supporter of Sherrod Brown is his opposition of CAFTA. It will do immeasurable harm to the United States and specifically Ohio. Do I oppose Free Trade ? Of course not! But in order for free trade to be good for American it also has to be fair – free and fair trade is the key. So why isn’t it fair?

First CAFTA would allow corporations to outsource much easier, making an already bad job market worse. It could potentially cost tens of thousands of Americans, including thousands of Ohioans, their job.

The second problem is simple economics, people from these countries can’t afford American goods – many Americans can’t afford American goods – how is a person making around $2500 a year going to afford a $25,000 car made in Ohio? Well they aren’t so while this would provide cheap imports, it would not do anything to rectify the trade deficit.

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