Still No Decision

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Well it has been expected that Sherrod Brown would make his decision, essentialy by tomorrow. But as of this moment, I haven't heard anything (not like I'm expecting a phone call or something) but if you do hear something you can always email me at

Social Security Note

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The President will hold a prime time (8:30 PM) news conference tomorrow (Thursday) to discuss Social Security.

I at this time have no new Brown news :(

Write me!

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Again, nothing new to report, so send me an email or leave me a comment!

Brown opposes CAFTA

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"If CAFTA weren't so wrong-headed and opposition to it so deep, Congress would have voted on the bill shortly after the president signed it" last May, Brown told a large anti-CAFTA gathering including farm-state lawmakers from both parties, Democrats with ties to organized labor, and groups representing agriculture, labor, religious, human rights and environmental interests.

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Still waiting ...

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We're still waiting on an official decision from Sherrod Brown, although it could still be months before he gives his official decision. That's all I got ...

Don't Cut Glenn

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This is something I feel very strongly about, don't cut the Glenn Research Center. Not only is the center vital to the economy around here, they do good work. They played an important part in the "Back to flight program" with their involvement in materials ballistics testing, they shot all kinds of foam at the thermal tiles. Oh and if you ever get a chance to hold one of those tiles, they are a lot lighter then they look

Oh, if you ever get a chance to meet John Glenn, do take it. I've only had one chance to speak with him (actual interview) and he's a great man.

Lack of posts ...

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Sorry for the lack of posts, my main computer has totally died. I will hopefully get it back up next week. Thanks for your patients.

Oh and GO BROWN!!!

Why wouldn't he run?

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I've been giving it a lot of thought, why wouldn't Sherrod Brown run for the states highest office? There is probably something I'm missing, some polling data (I'll post it once I find it again) indicates that he would beat any Democratic candidate and would edge out Blackwell (Assuming he gets the nomination, but he is very obviously not the best Republican for the job) and a general consensus between a large number of Democrats, surprising number of Republicans and independents, such as yours truly, is that he is the best man for the job.

Still here

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I'm still here and I'm still supporting Sherrod Brown for the Governor's Office in Columbus. But it seems not much is going on with the governors race right now ... so I haven't had anything to post.

Something new

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I wish I had something new to report, but I just don't. I'll leave it at that for now.