Town Hall Meeting

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Sherrod Brown will be holding a Town Hall meeting on Social Security in Brunswick at 6PM at Brunswick HS.

Brown takes aim

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"For political reasons, my Republican colleagues oversold the benefits of the discount card program," Brown said. "I hope they will refrain from exaggerating the value of the new drug coverage. Seniors need affordable medicines, not false promises."

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Brown not running?

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I have it on personal authority from a source who probably knows that Sherrod Brown is going to stay where he is for this cycle and later on aim for US Senate. I can't give you the source, but it's as good as it can be without coming from Brown himself. Paul Bring Ohio Home

I obviously hope he will run and I will continue blogging until he makes an official annoucmenent.

Note on the Budget

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The only two republican senators to vote Nay were Ohio's own DeWine and Voinovich.


I forgot two (atleast)

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Paul (BringOhioHome) points out that I forgot Michael Coleman and Pete Draganic. In respons to, "Do you suppose Sherrod Brown would return to the Secretary of State's office in 2006?", I don't think so. It would be a step back for him, it's either Governor or maybe a Senate Seat.

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Status of the Candidates

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Here is the list of people that have been mentioned as Candidates:

Sherrod Brown
Secretary of State Ken Blackwell
Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro
Jerry Springer
Auditor Betty Montgomery
Martin Sheen - while I must admit I like him as the President on The West Wing, I don't really agree with his political views. I'm also afraid that people will be voting for Bartlet in the minds, but will find out Sheen is quite different.

I'm probably forgetting somebody, let me know.

Just a News Tidbit

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Mansfield native and U.S. Congressman Sherrod Brown of Lorain helped christen the new K.E. McCartney Memorial Democratic Headquarters in Mansfield over the weekend. Brown told an audience of about 170 people that the new headquarters has been a labor of love for many people. The new democratic location is 16 South Park Street on the square in downtown Mansfield. In his address to those attending, Brown questioned many of the current policies of the Bush administration. Brian McCartney says his father would have been proud of such a legacy as the new building and thanked the many volunteers who made it a reality. Also honored at the St. Patrick's celebration was Don Kent, who was honored with the spirit of legacy award. Democratic party officials purchased the former Goetz Hardware building, located on the south side of the downtown square.

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Google Search

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Just wanted to point out this Blog is #6 when you search for sherrod brown blog and #3 if you put in sherrod brown governor blog. Other then that there frankly isn't anything new.


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The Seven Cent Nickel is reporting that Rep. Sherrod Brown is still undecided about running:

I just spoke with Joanna Kuebler at Sherrod Brown's office to confirm what I wrote here. The official word is this: Sherrod Brown is still undecided about his plans for 2006. According to Kuebler, "he's looking for the place where he can do the most good for the people of Ohio."

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PS: Thanks to linking to my blog!!!

Getting restless

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I'm starting to get restless, I wish Rep. Brown would make up his mind.

Well stay tuned until then ...

oh, and yes I'm kinda jealous towards that Blogger that got White House credentials. The best I've done so far is getting credentials to two political rallies last fall (Kerry at LCCC and Bush in Westlake).

White House Blogger

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The White House has credentialed the first blogger, check out FishBowlDC.

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I'm still here ...

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I'm still here, there is just nothing to report. Once there is ... I will

Please do send your comments

No Material

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I'm running out of material to post, send me ... something

The Lorain Casino Plan

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Well it appears that the only candiate supporting the Lorain Casino is Jerry Springer, the republicans oppose it and Rep. Brown hasn't commented.

"TV talk-show host Jerry Springer may be the best hope of supporters of Las Vegas-style casinos in Lorain or anywhere else in Ohio, given that he is the only potential candidate for governor who clearly supports an expansion of gambling in the state."

I personaly agree with springer on this "'... it is highly hypocritical for elected officials to decry casino gambling when they support the state lottery whose odds are worse for gamblers than they are in casinos.''

Guess we'll have to wait and see what Rep. Brown has to say.

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Sorry, for the lack of updates ... I'll try to post more this week