Some thoughts I've had

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Ah, so many issues so little time.... I've been wanting to comment on a few issues so here I go:

  1. Social Security, I personaly think it is to early to make any judgement on the Presidents proposal regarding Privatising/Personalizing (don't get me started on what to call it). Until the proposal is on paper I will not make comment, and neither should anybody else.
  2. 2006 Budget, the President has proposed to cut over 120 programs .... good or bad ? ... well I'll comment on that once I read the 13MB+ ZIP files full of PDFs that detail his proposal ... I don't see that happening before 2006
  3. Iraq, all I'm going to say on that right now is that things are looking up and if we hold our ground things will get better, but these things take time.
That's it for now ... more tomorrow