Why I support Rep. Brown

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First I must admit that I do not agree with everything that Sherrod Brown has ever said and anybody that claims to agree with everything that any politician has said is lying. But then one might ask why I do support him, well that is not very easy to answer. First and foremost Rep. Brown is a man of character, he stands by his believes and more importantly he stands by his constituents. I believe that as Governor of Ohio Sherrod Brown will do what’s right for the citizens of this great state, even if it’s not the popular thing to do or his party disagrees with him. After years of Bob Taft as Governor electing Sherrod Brown will start a new era Ohio. Sherrod Brown will bring back the industries that we have lost over the last few years, keep the bright minds of Ohio in Ohio and attract new businesses into the state. A bright future is ahead for our Great State and Sherrod Brown is just the first step into this future.

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