A Little About My Self

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Hello, I live in Lorain County in the Great State of Ohio. I would consider my self to have moderate political views. By this I mean I have supported Congressman Brown in the past, but I supported President Bush in the last election (now don't jump on me right away). I don't associate my self with one particular party because I belief one must vote on a candidate to candidate basis, not just blindly support one party or another. If the Democratic party had come up with a candidate other then John Kerry I would have probably voted for that candidate. The primary reason I did not support John Kerry is his stance on defense, his past record of voting against many major weapons systems that later turned out to be essential to defense didn't appeal to me. The M1A1 Tank (major part in the Gulf War), Body Armor(do I need to even say anything?), Pershing II Missile (ended Cold War) ... the list goes on and on.

Thanks for reading ... stay tuned for more