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I know there are a few of you out there that are reading my blog, drop me a comment via the comment system or write me an email at Brown2006@gmail.com

(This isn't todays post, just a tidbit I wanted to get out)

Rep Brown is "one of the hippest members of Congress"?

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Well according to Author Studs Terkel Rep. Brown is "one of the hippest members of Congress", the Congressman responded, at a book signing even, by saying, "That's like being described as the most athletic member of the Cleveland Orchestra".

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Hmm, that reminds me. I still haven't gotten my own copy of the book yet, hopefully he will have a book signing around here.

Myths of Free Trade: Why American Trade Policy Has Failed

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6 myths of free trade from Rep. Browns book Myths of Free Trade: Why American Trade Policy Has Failed
  • Myth #1: Corporate globalization is inevitable
  • Myth #2: Free-trade agreements help fight the war on terrorism
  • Myth #3: Free trade leaves most people better off — rich or poor
  • Myth #4: Free trade will bring democracy, human rights, and freedom to authoritarian governments
  • Myth #5: NAFTA has been a success
  • Myth #6: Free trade is a great American tradition
Free Trade is something I feel particularly strong about, Free Trade has hurt our country and especialy this Great State. Everytime I hear a story about a Automobile or Steel worker that lost his job after numerous years of service I get upset. Sherrod Brown has been fighting against free trade for many years and I belive him being Governor will help promote the Anti-Free Trade movement.

Still nothing new

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Still nothing new to report about the the Governor race.

Found a cool little political ideologue quiz, World's Smallest Political Quiz. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Nothing new to report

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Nothing new, but I guess since I'm blogging about a campaign that does not official exist that's to be expected. Blog traffic is pretty slow (although it's on Google now), but of those that are viewing my blog I would love to read your feedback so please do post it. Oh, and if you like my blog please do spread the word.

Rep. Brown criticizes NIH decision.

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Nothing new on the campaign today, but here's this:
"If Secretary Thompson agrees that quadrupling the price of a life-or-death AIDS drug, rigging the market, and discriminating against U.S. consumers is 'reasonable,' you can't help but wonder what the [s]ecretary considers unreasonable," said Rep. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, in criticizing the NIH decision.

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Jerry is not the best man for the job

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"I don't think Jerry is the nominee we want," Brown said in an interview. "Jerry is very smart, he's right on the issues, he's as good a speaker as there is out there, but his TV show is just too much baggage."

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Well that's the second comment about another potential gubernatorial canidate that Rep. Brown has made in two days. Now if that's not a clear sign he's running, then I don't know what is. I'm excited already ... and the election isn't until next year!

Ken you just don't learn

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Rep. Brown had some advice for Secretary of State of Ohio and gubernatorial canidate Blackwell, "I would have thought that Ken Blackwell would have learned from what happened with Katherine Harris, that you don't chair a campaign and also run an election"

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Why I support Rep. Brown

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First I must admit that I do not agree with everything that Sherrod Brown has ever said and anybody that claims to agree with everything that any politician has said is lying. But then one might ask why I do support him, well that is not very easy to answer. First and foremost Rep. Brown is a man of character, he stands by his believes and more importantly he stands by his constituents. I believe that as Governor of Ohio Sherrod Brown will do what’s right for the citizens of this great state, even if it’s not the popular thing to do or his party disagrees with him. After years of Bob Taft as Governor electing Sherrod Brown will start a new era Ohio. Sherrod Brown will bring back the industries that we have lost over the last few years, keep the bright minds of Ohio in Ohio and attract new businesses into the state. A bright future is ahead for our Great State and Sherrod Brown is just the first step into this future.

More on Rep. Browns Voting Record


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Rep. Brown comments on new Medicare rules:

"After the drug discount card fiasco, seniors are braced for more disappointment," said Brown, who serves on a House committee that oversees Medicare. "Unfortunately, these regulations don't erase those fears as much as cement them."

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Personal Note

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Nothing new to report today, but on a personal note I’m getting close to finally finishing the September 11 Commission Report. I originally bought the book on Amazon.com the week the report got released but I put of reading it up until recently. I would defiantly recommend everybody, liberal or conservative, that hasn’t already read it should defiantly pick up (or read it online if you must) a copy and do so.

The book provides great insights into what lead up to the attacks, what happened during the attacks and the response thereafter. It’s a pretty easy read, which is surprising, compared to other government reports I’ve read. The report details everything from how the terrorists managed to pull off their plot to the heroic responses of so many citizens from all walks of live. Although it details many of the errors made, by the government, it tends to stay away from assigning direct blame to any person or governmental department.


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Two sites that everybody should take a look at:

Official Brown Congressional Web Site

Brown Campaign Web Site

NOTE: This Blog is not affiliated with either site

Strickland backs Brown!

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The Athens NEWS is reporting that U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland is backing Sherrod Brown.

"Out of a close personal friendship and respect for Brown's skills and abilities, Strickland said he considers the fellow congressman to be the best potential candidate for governor."

A Little About My Self

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Hello, I live in Lorain County in the Great State of Ohio. I would consider my self to have moderate political views. By this I mean I have supported Congressman Brown in the past, but I supported President Bush in the last election (now don't jump on me right away). I don't associate my self with one particular party because I belief one must vote on a candidate to candidate basis, not just blindly support one party or another. If the Democratic party had come up with a candidate other then John Kerry I would have probably voted for that candidate. The primary reason I did not support John Kerry is his stance on defense, his past record of voting against many major weapons systems that later turned out to be essential to defense didn't appeal to me. The M1A1 Tank (major part in the Gulf War), Body Armor(do I need to even say anything?), Pershing II Missile (ended Cold War) ... the list goes on and on.

Thanks for reading ... stay tuned for more


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Welcome to my new blog

On Monday Congressman Sherrod Brown(D), Ohio 13th District in the House of Representatives, announced that he is considering running for Governor of the Great State of Ohio in 2006. I will use this Blog to chronicle and comment on his potential run.

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