Tour Update

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After a stop in Chillicothe, Sherrod Brown has just arrived to speak
at the Riverboat Room in Steubenville.

Details will be posted later

Announcement Tour Day 2 - Part 1

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After leaving yesterday mornings breakfast Sherrod Brown headed towards Toledo for coffee and to discuss issues facing Ohioans. Downtown Toledo is now just a shell of it's former self. Empty store fronts, empty warehouses and empty factories. After discussing everything from the environment to jobs in Ohio the Congressman was on to his next stop in Dayton.

The Congressman received a warm reception at the Montgomery County Holiday party in Dayton, once again he delivered his message that he does not represent the interests of corporations or any other out of state interests. Instead he is representing the interests of every single Ohioan.

More later, including the Lebanon stop

Also, if you have not already done so checkout the pictures and audio up on GrowOhio

Lorain Event: "Get out of our state!"

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Just a few moments ago Sherrod Brown finished speaking at the Lorain Party Center, the crowd rose out of their seats as he spoke of state interests.
Well, here's what I have to say to all of these out-of-state interests: Get
out of our state!

More later ...

Announcement Tour - Day 1

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(AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)

Sherrod Brown was joined by his family today as he officially announced his candidacy for US Senate in the Ohio Statehouse.
"I am fighting for family values: putting food on the table, sending the kids to college, keeping the house warm this winter, and making sure our grandparents get the medicines they need [...]"
It's not too late to see Sherrod as he tours the state to announce his Senate candidacy. Check to see if there is an event in your area.

Announcement Tour

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Check to see when Congressman Sherrod Brown will be in your area during his 4 day kickoff tour this weekend. Then RSVP for one of the events, all events are free and open to the public. Cities include Mansfield, Lorain, Toledo, Lebanon, Chillicothe, Steubenville, Akron, Canton and more. Check out the complete list here.

A few random thoughts

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This week has been really quiet regarding the Senate race, there is a new poll out that shows Hackett beating DeWine. Not really surprising, but they didn’t poll Brown so it doesn't really offer much to compare.

Turns out that Apple donates 99% to Democrats and the other 1% is not specified. Either way even with my student discount, as somebody suggested, the Apples are still a bit pricy. So far I've heard Dells aren't good, HPs aren't good, Toshibas aren't good and Apples are good but expensive ... what to do now?

Tim Russo, Democracy Guy, is now posting at a new site called, even though I sometimes disagree with Russo I do enjoy reading his blog. (Seems like an interesting guy, although I’ve never meet him)

I myself have been busy working on another project that will be unveiled soon. My search for a guest bloggers hasn’t been going that well ... it hasn't been going at all actually.

Want to blog?

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I've been a bit busy and the blog has suffered (should pickup again this week though). But I've decided that it may be a good idea to get another blogger aboard. So if you are interested just send me an email, If you have blogging experience that's great, if you don't it does not make a difference.

BTW, I’m laptop shopping anybody have any advice? I’m leaning towards getting a Dell or an HP.

Fact vs Fiction

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There are some strange rumors floating around, so let me clarify.

Sherrod Brown is running for Senate
Sherrod Brown has opened a campaign office in Amherst

Sherrod Brown has rented a hall in order to announce he is not running (why would somebody rent a venue to announce they are not running?)

And then there is somebody taking issue that the pictures of the office where taken on election day ... get a life! You are trolling and you are bad at it!